THRILLER Best Scene Script Reading of RETIRE WITH A VIEW, by Behzad Sedghi

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Thriller,

Logline: An old rundown RV tarnishing the idyllic view from the window of a newly retired couple’s dream home becomes the focal point in developing a bumpy and slow relationship with their odd and reclusive neighbour who safeguards a past memory in the dilapidated vehicle.


NARRATION: Vanessa Quagliara
Ethan – – Sean Ballantyne
Officer Julie C. Sheppard
Peter – Peter Nelson
Geeve – Trevor Marlatt
Megrangiz – Fiona Mongilla

Get to know the writer: 

1. What is your screenplay about?

It is about testing people’s ability to overcome their rigid mindsets and try to see the world in new lights.


2. What genres does your screenplay fall under?

Comedy and thriller


3. Why should this screenplay be made into a movie?

Because it embodies a myriad of topics that often engage us such as human relationship and bondage, love and sacrifice…

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