Screenwriting vs Traditional Writing

Between Worlds

I’m a bit of an oddball in the online writing community. This is for multiple reasons, but the main reason is that I don’t do traditional writing (which is what I would consider to be books, novellas, short stories, etc). Well, I do, but it’s not my main focus. My main focus is on screenwriting—specifically TV screenwriting.

I don’t mind being the oddball because of this. In fact, I kinda like it. It allows me to stand out from the crowd. I get to experience the intrigue people get when they find out I’m working on a TV Pilot rather than my debut novel. They’re eager to hear about it not just because they want to know the story, but because it’s not something they come across often.

However, every now and then, I can’t help but think of how different the two types of writing are from each other.

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