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Busby Berkeley was an American music choreographer and film director famous for his visual work that can be likened to a kaleidoscope on screen. Utilizing showgirls, dancing in unison and creating complex geometric visual patterns- Berkley’s work was a cornerstone of an age. Enter BUSBY BERKLEY’S DREAM ABERRATIONS, a film that tips its hat to Berkley’s aesthetics while exploring a completely different world. Unlike Berkley, who utilized the external body to create shapes and patterns, BUSBY BERKLEYS DREAM ABERRATIONS uses internal images of the body to make the same visual effects. The affect is a piece that draws it’s visual inspiration directly from Berkley’s formative designs and elements, but utilizes a different human palate to create it’s work. Done in black and white and set against lively jazz music, we do not see prancing legs and fanned arms- but internal organs, mountains of teeth and decaying hands. Done is hyper…

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