Interview with Winning Screenwriter Virgo Velasquez (2084)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

 1. What is your screenplay about?

An adaptation of the George Orwell classic “1984”, in a redux 2084 future, the United Kingdom and United States find themselves under the rule of The Party, which instills a totalitarian regime that engineers human nature to fit its agenda. Winston Smith, who works for the Ministry of Truth as a manufacturer and falsifier of information, stumbles upon a dangerous path once he falls in love with a colleague, and attempts to rally a resistance movement against The Party.

2. What genres does your screenplay fall under?

Sci-Fi, Drama.

3. Why should this screenplay be made into a movie?

The screenplay and novel interplay a plot that is reflective of current political outcries. The world is relevant to modern day woes, with impressive skylines, sympathetic characters, and large-scale action sequences woven with layers of societal truths.

4. How would you describe this script in…

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