Director BIO: Isaac Elliot (A STATIC WIND)

Student & Young Filmmakers FEEDBACK Film & Screenplay Festival

Director – isaac Elliott

Isaac epk

Director Statement

From the Director

A Static Wind began as an email to myself at 4am in April 2014.

The subject line read; ‘You can do this, this is a good idea’, and the email ended with
‘Reflect on my feeling of disconnect from my family and from people in general’

This combination of doubt and a desire to explore my own emotional state both haunted and moulded the film through the almost two years since this kernel of an idea. However this may be able to be traced back to April 2007 when I was paralysed in a motorcycle accident forcing me to readjust my career goals. Strangely this filled me with a certain hope, an ability to start from scratch and do anything. I picked film making and it has been a ride of ups and downs since then.

Needing a buffer from the…

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