Director BIO: Al Lougher (THE DOLLMAKER)

Los Angeles feedback film festival

Director Biography – Al Lougher

2bc871d6e3 headshot

Al is an award-winning British writer, director and
photographer based near Miami, Florida. His body of work includes producing and directing music videos, corporate videos, web commercials and films. He has carved a niche for himself in being able time and time again to create quality work within constrained working budgets. His favorite genre for his stories are horror and fantasy.

Director Statement

It all began when I read Matias’ short script The Dollmaker back in 2015. Those seven or eight pages were perhaps the best I’d ever read in a short screenplay and it’s not often that you stumble upon a script that has such a memorable setup and characters, in addition to a Sixth-Sense like twist no-one would ever see coming. Fast forward two years, and I’m in a basement of a small house in Queens, NY during a brutal hot summer, surrounded…

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