Novel Transcript Reading: SHARLEY’S LESSONS, by R.K. Vetter

Novel Writing Festival

Performed by Carina Cojeen

Get to know the writer:

 1. What is your novel about?

This is a heart-written, tweens-and-up fiction book for the ages, set in the innocence and freedoms of early 1960’s rural Iowa. It is a poignant, personal experience-based tale of love, friendship and loss; a delightful journey of both human and spiritual growth, which took me fifty-two years to write!

The main characters are Sharley, who died too young after battling leukemia, and Kate, who recounts Sharley stories from their childhood that helped broaden her perspective on life and encourage her to do things she otherwise would never have done. A grieving Kate struggles with her best friend’s illness and her ultimate death, coping in part by way of Sharley visiting her after her passing with the promise of an afterlife, as seen by a child. I invite you to enjoy this 52-year-old story!

2. What…

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