Feature Film: I Hear Voices, by Joe Leone

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Life has been somewhat frustrating for Vin. Being diagnosed with schizophrenia and locked in a mental institution can do that to a person. Yet Vin’s biggest gripe is that he is not actually insane. The voices that he hears are not just in his head, but rather the taunts of unseen ghosts. Evil spirits have been trying to coax Vin to commit vile acts for them for the duration of his life. After innumerable attempts to quell these tormenters, Vin is about ready to throw in the towel. Yet when he receives a visit from his younger sister, the only person Vin has any love for, everything changes. Alexis has begun to exhibit signs of having the same “gift” as Vin. With fully reinvigorated motivation, he becomes determined to stop the voices for once and for all.

In his new quest, Vin encounters two very intriguing fellow patients: Delilah, a…

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