Short Film: JACK AND ANNA, by Ksenia Ivanova, Savannah Oakes

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7814bb7fea posterJack and Anna is a story inspired by true events that happened in 1913 in Colorado and it’s a love story about two females, Helen Hilsher and Anna Slifka. Helen was originally from Denver, she was from a poor family, but she wanted to improve her life. The best option that she could think of was to move and become “Jack Hill”. In the small town called Meeker, in Colorado, “Jack” worked as a bartender when he met Anna, it was a moment that changed their lives forever as they truly fell in love. “Jack” opened his heart to Anna and they got married but one-day Helen was recognized and immediately arrested. Helen was taken to jail, then she was kept under house arrest for over a year of the trial.
The story in our film begins from the moment when “Jack” and Anna decide to leave their home, because…

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