Director BIO: Jean Francois Taver & Mathieu Dinh (DOWN TIME)

Los Angeles feedback film festival

Director Biography – Jeff TAVER , Mathieu DINH

D276c9d71c headshot

Director Statement


Once upon a time, there was a charming prince, not so charming after all as he reveal himself to be a violent man but who apologizes concessions after concessions, humiliations after humiliations, punch after punch until the down-time!

In my neighborhood, there was a couplewith three children, very discreet: a very elegant husband that I met very rarely and a beautiful and smiling woman I see every time she fetched her children from school. Until the day when a morning I saw about ten police cars in front of their home. The young woman had just killed her husband.
The violence with in the couple defines itself as situations where the cases of violence (physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, economicabuses) aree at the same time recurring, often cumulative, and they deteriorate and accelerate (phenomenon described as the « spiral…

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