Novel Transcript Reading of Crown and Steel, by Anna L. Walls

Novel Writing Festival

Performed by Val Cole

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Get to know the writer:

1. What is your novel about?

It’s about a young prince who had no worldly experience, because his father was a paranoid recluse. Since you can’t rule a kingdom exclusively from behind a desk, things fell apart. Now he has to put it all back together.

2. What genres would you say this story is in?

This is mostly straight fiction with a slight religious tone. I call it Sword and Sorcery, but it’s more paranormal abilities than magic.

3. How would you describe this story in two words?

Good v Bad

4. What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Ooh that would be a coin toss between Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Avatar.

5. What is your favorite song? (Or, what song have you listened to the most times in your life?)

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