Read Poem: Please Come Back, by Anshu Pal

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I miss those days
when we were together
hands in hands always
never caring the other’s case
I smiled for you
you laughed for me
and we had a giggling base.
You stared and i blushed
time was still very smooth
never ever rushed.
You looked into my eyes
and i blink them twice
we smiled at each other again
cause that moment has no price.

And now we are far
just thinking of each other
what the other one is doing
just worrying for one another.
I guess lets do it again
give another try
as life always give a chance
provided you know to fly.
Come on, lets reunite now,
lets yell again together
and allow our happiness
to once again gather
gather with love
affection and smile
to have everything again
in heaps and pile.
Please walk with me again
again so many miles
so that we…

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