Director BIOS: Michael Durr & Mathias Fellner (WHERE AM I – COLACOASTER)

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

irector Biography – Michael Dürr, Mathias Fellner

4fa8960eec headshot

Mathias Fellner
Creative Direction – Art Direction – Graphic Design
Based in Vienna.

Michael Dürr 
Photographer and Founder of Cinema Photographique. 
Michael Dürr, has worked in the Austrian fashion industry for more than twenty years. His photographs have appeared in international fashion magazines such as Another, i-D, Sleek, Qvest, Blend, Soma, Cos , Faq , Le Purple Journal, Casa Vogue, Selfservice , Harpers Bazaar , etc. in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Rio, Hong Kong, Miami, New York as well as Amsterdam. In addition to his magazine work, Dürr has produced commercial works for H&M, Mercedes Benz, Diesel or Palmers. At the heart of Dürr’s sensuous photography lies a passion for natural daylight and the playful shadows it casts. His models are primarily female, and the cinematic sets are carefully staged. Apart from advertising and fashion, Dürr’s photography also includes portraits of prominent figures…

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