Happy Birthday: Boy George

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boygeorgeHappy Birthday musician Boy George

Born: June 14, 1961 in Eltham, Kent, England, UK

He was the lead singer and vocals of 80s band Culture Club which formed from 1981-1986. Joined together again in 1998.

Has four brothers: Gerald, Kevin, David and Richard.

Has one sister: Siobhan

Co-lead vocal, with Annabella Lwin, in Bow Wow Wow for a short while under the stage name of “Lieutenant Lush”.

Overcame a heroin addiction which nearly killed him c. 1987; was treated by electro-acupuncture, as was Eric Clapton in the 1970s.


I’m bisexual… when I want sex, I buy it.

When it comes to DJing, I’m more of a shit stirrer than a mixer.

I know Victoria’s Secret – He’s a man!

I am what I am. There’s nothing I can do about it.

I don’t get all this Speedo stuff actually, I mean, whatever happened to the feather boa?

I tend…

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