5 reasons NOW is the best time to start writing a novel

What Inspires Your Writing?

Learn more about TimYour ideal life involves writing, and lots of it. You would quit your day job and write full time in a heartbeat. If you suddenly found yourself at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, you’d nearly forget about your coffee and croissant as you filled up notebook after notebook with ideas for stories, characters, and plot twists.

If this sounds like you, it’s high time you dug your heels in, got your hands dirty, and started putting that novel together. You know, that one you’ve always dreamed of writing?

Here are 5 reasons you should start today.

1. You want this. Everyone knows what a phenomenal achievement it is to become a published author. You’re serious about writing success?so serious, in fact, you can almost taste it?and in your mind, you’re already regaling a crowd of fans at your first book signing.

2. It’s either heating up or cooling down. Depending…

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