Read Poem: ANGEL LIKE BEAUTY, by Mantri Mark

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I Saw an Angel like Beauty Girl
Beauty of the World, I Saw In Her Eyes
The Nature Blessed Her, I Admired Her
Loads of Multi-Flowers adored her ǁ

Beauty Queen Went All-round the World
The Angel Beauty Was Out Of My Reach
My Thoughts Became Idle, As the Beauty Lost My Sight
I Became Nervous, as I Lost My Patience ǁ

Waited and Waited For Her to Meet
Years Rolled To Have a Glimpse
I Spent the Nights All In My Dreams
When I Woke Up, My Dreams Shattered ǁ

Dreaming For Angel Beauty Not a Fault
Adoring the Beauty Styles Not a Sin
Lost Time Is Never Found Again In the Life
Wasting the Time Is A Mistake in the Life ǁ

But, Wasting the Time
A Blunder in the Life ǁ

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