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What I Thought, This World Today
Is Not That World, I Expected
Reigns of Rulers, Years Rolled
Rules Have Gone, it’s Dictators Era ǁ

Confrontations and Conflicts Still In Vogue
There Is No Day without a Conflict
Combats Have Become Order Of The Day
Intra-Country Combats Are the Regular Features ǁ

No Day Left For Inter-Party Conflicts
Whole World Watches Ongoing Combats
Who Support Whom, For Support and Sanctions
World Combats Sure, A Day Is Not Far ǁ

War Like Conflict, Looks to Be Common
People Suffer Due To Power-Sake Rule
Value to Life, No Country Thinks
War May Erupt, Can Lead to Casualties ǁ

People Gave Power, To Rulers to Rule
People Gave Power, To Keep the Environment Good
People’s Ambition, Enact the Rule
Peoples Aspirations, Hope To Be Good ǁ

Misunderstandings and precipitations are often seen
Who is not great, as said and done?
All countries are great…

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