Read Poem: LOVELY NATURE, by Mantri Mark

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Mary Mother, You are the Universe

O My Lord, we bowdown to you ǁ

Feel happy at the natural sites

Pleasantness comes in life

Feel happy at River-flow site

One’s ideas flow like Water flow ǁ

Pray my Nature and Mary Mother Goddess for my Birth

God-ness is beautiful nature

Nature belongs to living beings

Preserve my beauty land ǁ

I feel happy to adore my Nature

My loving the Nature, is my loving the Universe

My breathing the oxygen, is my living the life

I can’t pack the Air, but for my deeds ǁ

Beauty lies in the farm land

Waterfalls is the life-line

Life’s happiness is the river flow

No pollute the Water and Air ǁ

Am here in this glittering World

Nature has compositions

Nature knew its compositions well

Nature has hidden healing powers ǁ

Avoid and avoid, Conflicts and Combats

Mind vary from Leader to Leader

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