Read Poem: Valley Of Death, by Sujoy Bhattacherjee

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You are the anatomical wonder !
More velvety than the petals of a rose .
Churner of the charm , you enigmatic flower !
You are the way in and way out of life –
In the form of sperm and fetus .
You kindle the lamp of life , source of human birth .
You are the confluence of all sin and vice , envy and revenge.
who first tasted the forbidden fruit – Adam or Eve ? I know not .
Earth’ s magnetic poles can’t meet each other , miles apart .
Human magnetic poles caress each other to continue the current of life and death!

You are worshipped as a living deity by your devotees – devilishly pious .
You are a black hole more malignant than a dead star !
Your moist tract – abysmal dark , murky hades incarnation !
There is a way…

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