Film Review: GAUGUIN (France 2017)

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Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti Poster
Focused on French painter Paul Gauguin’s affair with a younger lady in Tahiti.


Edouard Deluc


Edouard Deluc (screenplay), Etienne Comar (screenplay) | 4 more credits »

For those unfamiliar, GAUGUIN is a famous talented French painter of the 19th century.  But Paul GAUGUIN (Vincent Cassel) was a dissatisfied painter tired of the so-called civilized world and its political, moral and artistic conventions.  So he leaves his wife and children to travel to Tahiti, Polynesia on the other side of the world with little money.

For those not well versed in Geography, Tahiti is right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, plunked right in the middle of lots and lots of water, far away from nowhere.  It is a beautiful place with white sandy beaches (check…

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