Feature Film: Wormhole by Chris K. Daniels

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8d96900fd2 posterWhen Jacob Millet falls into a dark and mysterious hole in the woods, he finds himself in a strange and completely shifted version of his hometown around him.

Writer Biography – Chris K. Daniels, Sam Rosenberry

5d69bd3488 headshot

Chris K. Daniels is a 20 year old filmmaker/comedian from Boston, Massachusetts. He’s been writing, directing, and acting in shorts for about six years now. Chris tends to focus his work on a sort of dark, conceptual view of twists on reality. On top of that, his comedy tends to go in the exact opposite direction. Generally, it takes an over-eccentric, enthusiastic and sociopathic direction. But in a fun way.

Chris is currently a student, on track to get his Film/Video BFA in Boston, Massachusetts.

Chris is an award-winning, festival-featured filmmaker. Some of his notable honors are the winning of the Silver Tripod Award and the Jury Award at Campus Move Fest for two consecutive…

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