Film Review: CHRICKE, (Sweden, LGBT/Experimental)

Festival Reviews

Just shy of seven minutes, CHRICKLE packs a huge amount of information into itself. Waking up in a completely white world our hero, Chrickle, operates in a blank void- the walls are white, the phone is white, the food is white, he is painted white. And he paints his things white as well. His world is bright- but colorless. The phone call from his father who rambled drunkeningly off the hook expresses nothing but familial disappointment for his son’s life choices. All the way Chrickle paints himself white. Until, that is- he sees a light shining through a small way out. Unlike his current world this light is full of colour. As Chrickle’s father drones on and on with what we realize is a final goodbye and disownment, Chrickle finds a way out of tiny white world.

The obvious visual metaphor is striking and simple. The performance of our main…

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