Film Review: NIGHT LIVE, (China, Experimental/New Media)

Festival Reviews

This strong and compelling seven minute film from China is a statement on society, and modern love in the age of technology. Our young hero, a gay techno-savvy man with a father bent on his professional success, hooks up with a online celebrity he meets on an online dating app.

Their encounter is fun, effortless and almost seems meaningless, but the entire process is steeped in technology. From their app-based connection to their live-streamed meeting, to their most intimate moments revolving around watching a screen. Technology both unites them together and divides them from a real human connection. But who is to say what is a human connection anymore when our worlds are so fully integrated with technology? The plot peppered with political commentary and overrun with the youth-in-revolt vibe, NIGHT LIVE tells  remarkably relatable stories for young and old alike. It is about a generational clash of a father…

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