Film Review: WINE AND EGGS, (Turkey, Drama)

Festival Reviews

WINE AND EGGS, a five minute Turkish film is equal parts mysterious and thrilling. It leaves us constantly guessing as to the hidden story that is never revealed. A slightly disheveled and exhausted husband comes home from the rainy weather to greet his innocent and beautiful wife, who has been waiting for him at the window. She convinces him to go across the street for eggs to make dinner- and he finally relents. When he leaves however she is pours herself  glass of wine and watches (without a trace of surprise) as he is hit by a car.

We never know what has happened between them- but how accurately that mimics real life. After all, do any of us really ever know what goes on inside the relationship of our closest friends or net door neighbours? Behind closed doors, what secrets do we all keep? Whatever secrets lied between these…

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