Film Review: YOURS FAITHFULLY EDNA WELTHORPE (MRS), (UK, Animation/Comedy)

Festival Reviews

A New film by Chris Shepherd, YOURS FAITHFULLY EDNA WELTHROPE is an animated comic short tribute piece to Joe Orton, a well known letter writer who complained to local companies under the pen name Edna Welthorpe.

Charming to listen to, and delightful to watch, this animation is full of humorous visuals, delightful images and the hilarious voice of Orton. Created to celebrate his life, 50 years after it ended, YOUR FAITHFULLY EDNA WELTHORPE is a joyful and engaging piece.

The magic in this film is that in only five minutes, we feel we know Edna, and know her well. Her voice, so aptly akin to the “fussy old lady” is perfectly characterised by exceptional voice acting. Of course the deeper comic layer here being that Edna does not exist, and these companies she is writing to are often perplexed at her letters. Regardless YOURS FAITHFULLY EDNA WELTHORPE is a hilarious…

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