Director BIO: Danny Mooney (BATMAN: INJUSTICE FOR ALL)

FAN FICTION Film and Writing Festival

Director Biography – Danny Mooney

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Danny Mooney is a jack of all trades in the film world. He got his start acting in improv comedy shows, sketch comedy, and stand-up. Mooney

has opened for such talent as actor/comedian Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey, Full House) and Comedy Central’s Dane Cook World Tour-opener J. Chris Newberg. On stage he has performed in regional theatre as well as professionally in Moscow, Russia, in the International Chekhov Theatre Festival. To date, Mooney has done numerous animation voice work and has appeared in commercials, TV/Web TV pilots, and over 70 short and feature films. Danny has acted under several well-known directors including Nick Stoller, C. Thomas Howell, Arnaud Desplechin, Michael Manasseri, Jon Amiel, Zack Snyder and George Clooney. Mooney has played across from such acting talent as Drew Barrymore, Jason Segal, Ellen Page, Henry Cavill, Benecio Del Toro, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ryan Gosling.

Danny Mooney…

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