AUGUST 2018 – Read the best of NEW Short Screenplay Story Pitches

WILDsound Festival

Short Film: Welcome To Pruitville – The Following by Tom Mason

Short Film: You can Call me Alice by Antonio Sequeira

Short Film: THE REVENGE OF BLOODY JULIET by Ezalaine Mae Albuera

Short Film: SOCIAL SCIENCE by Logan Long

Short Film: Pari Leto by Jason Seelmann

Short Film: Moon and Fishes by Arshia Zeinali

Short Film: Shanghai: A West Side Story by Fernely Durand

Short Film: Two Drums of Thought by Meysam Oghbaei

Short Film: The Funeral Director by Thomas Scott

Short Film: Gloomy swamp by Álex Bandeira

Short Film: Happy Anniversary by Shivani Mehra

Short Film: FOUL PLAY by Amber Rainey

Short Film: EARTHMAN by Manuel Martinez Arcos

Short Film: MANY DREAMS by Kellen Casara

Short Film: One Night Only by SA Brown

Short Film: Brown Dog by Andrew Ward

Short Film: Butterfly’s…

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