SCI-FI Best Scene Reading of A VOYAGER IN CHRONOSPACE by Lisa Kirkwood


In the 21st century, by the old chronology, planet Terra went through radical changes that caused the landmass and the oceans to merge and realign into a new geography. This event is known in the history of New Terra as “The Ascension’’.

Many people didn’t live through it; some were rescued by friendly extraterrestrials, others were enslaved by hostile aliens and displaced them to distant planets that would serve as hard labor colonies. One of the captured Terrans, a miner named Vis N 91,077 escapes slavery and returns to his planet of origin.

He goes beyond frontiers, crosses the galaxy and meets new friends – Terrans and aliens; aboard their ships, he tours worlds. Spacetime traveling is now available to Vis and he becomes a well-trained chronotraveler.

From the Moon to the Earth, from the future to the past and back again, Vis discovers his native world anew. When he…

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