Happy Birthday: Tom Hardy

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tomhardy.jpgTom Hardy

Born: September 15, 1977 in Hammersmith, London, England, UK

[acting tip on a movie or play] Whatever character you play, remember they are always doing something. They are not just talking. They are alive; going through a drama in which they will go through some sort of dramatic human experience. Keywords: Alive and Experience. It is your job to make them become so. Anything you do on stage or film has a direct relation to something you have experienced in one form or another in real life. Use your imagination to exaggerate or lessen that sensation. Then, disguise it in characterization and don’t forget to make lots and lots of mistakes, and look like a complete asshole. You’ll do fine.

dir. Gavin O’Connor
Tom Hardy
Nick Nolte
Road to PerditionLAYER CAKE
dir.Matthew Vaughn
Daniel Craig
Tom Hardy
movie posterBRONSON
dir. Nicolas Winding Refn
Tom Hardy

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