BEST Scene Reading of The Illuminati Belladonna by Caitlin Carter

Los Angeles feedback film festival


Narrator: Hartley O. Gyamfi

Dr. Rothschild: Allen Michael Brunet

Cat: Ariel Brooker

Writer Biography


Caity is an emerging artist, graphic designer, and creative entrepreneur.

Caity received her first Daft Punk album, Discovery, during Christmas around the age of 12, is drawn to the biblical city of Ephesus, and wanted to be Ester, but relates to ‘The Book of Job’. She also claims to have defeated a dragon. The most important day of her life was in September of 2013.

According to Caity, creationism is the truth, magic is real, Charles Darwin was blind, time travel is frowned upon, together we all inhabit a spaceship called Earth, Heaven is a diverse place, and the secret to life is Jesus.

Over the past summer, Caity was an Artist in Residence at Chulitna Lodge on Lake Clark in Alaska. The residency is located on the remote Mount George, near a cloud…

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