Short Film: MIRRORS, 3min., Germany, Music Video

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

041dec6c2e posterThe music video for “Mirrors” unites the extraordinary sound of composer and multi-instrumentalist Julian Scherle with the magic, mysticism and magnitude of Iceland’s nature. Scherle’s cineastic sound, accompanied by alternating visual structures and breathtaking landscapes, evokes a wealth of overflowing emotions within the viewer. Fantastic Iceland shots and fascinating visual effects create mesmerizing, dream-like sequences. The video was produced by Cologne-based agency GROSSE8 and filmed under the direction of Manfred Borsch. “It’s about chaos; about ugliness transforming itself into something positive,“ says Borsch. “Stress and anxiety dissolve through isolation, clearing the view for the beauty of everyday things.”

Julian, aka Són, is a German-raised, Los Angeles-based composer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and artist. Scherle’s music has been featured on high profile and critically acclaimed projects such as “American Horror Story” and “Scream”. He helped shape the score of the hit show “Mr. Robot”, which won an Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition…

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