THE REVELATOR, 24min., Belgium, Thriller/Mystery

Los Angeles feedback film festival

D0a0848a6a poster

New York – 2017
Thirty-year-old Mason Johnson is at the peak of his career at Lambertson Pharmaceuticals. He’s got it all: he’s handsome, successful and rich.
He’s also a narcissistic douchebag.

After an unconventional heart attack, Mason dies in the company elevator as it halts mid-way. The elevator transforms into a place between heaven and hell, the floors representing the years of his life. A man who calls himself God, takes Mason on a trip through various stages of his life. And it’s not looking good.
Judgment day is here. But repentance is not a part of the Mason Johnson playbook. He’s never backed down in his life, and it doesn’t look like he’s inclined to start now.

The Revelator is a thriller with a dark sense of humor, tracing the boundaries of good and evil as we wonder whether a God is still necessary to dictate what is right…

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