Read Poem: Glimpse (Light Of Dawn) by Ryan Fredric Steinbeck

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I was an early explorer to this area.

I dreamt of an inaccessible mountain.

I ascended to the southeast edge of the south face,

enduring glacier climbs and gullies,

then layers upon layers of snow.

That was when I caught a glimpse of sunrise.

The auburn rocks reflected the diverging rays through ice,

as if flames were lighting the way.

I wanted to live in that moment forever,

but I knew I couldn’t stay.

A rift valley pulls away continental plates.

I’m immersed in groundwater reserves.

The marine environment spills its secrets,

revealing a map of historical formations.

I catch a glimpse of the world before,

from the shoals to the undersea range.

I dig in for the odyssey of survival,

but know in due course it will change.

I once thought I was distinguished.

I let myself be ruined.

I hadn’t realized my suffering,

was vital to enlightenment.


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