Read Poem: the old building by Peter Awad

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there , at that old building I always return .
There , we made our farewell , you left me a burn .
That burn consumed the depth of my heart .
Melted me dramatically and ripped me apart .
You hung my gallows on your departure
You strangle me, just by going further
It’s been 15 years so far , 15 years of loneliness
Holding to my pact ,feeding on hopefulness
I hid your love in my ribs , lest they unveil my weakness
I follow your ghost steps , I’m a wanderer in a wilderness
Do not ask a lidless slender , how he lost his drowsiness
just take off your sturdiness, there, on the border of tenderness
There ,at that old building , you shall come again
You’d better hurry up before I die of pain

Peter Awad ,

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