Texas Shields -Pilot- Episode One – Showdown by Kathryn L. Scurry

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A4210b1906 posterFour woman deputies from Montgomery County, Texas follow in there father’s footsteps and stop at nothing to catch the bad guys and a few woman on the way. But beware, They may be women but they have an insatiable appetite for justice.


Writer Biography – Kathryn L Scurry

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Kathryn L. Scurry also known as “BKScreenwriter” is a multi-genre screenwriter based in Houston, Texas. Growing up a native New Yorker, She has always had a taste for the arts dabbling in many different forms ranging from music, pastry arts to poetry.

Kathryn found her calling not to long ago while transitioning from the musical and pastry arts. One day she decided to enter a writing competition as a first-time screenwriter via Filmfreeway and the rest is history. She is known for her body of works that are now making its rounds through film festivals winning several awards ranging from “The Diamond…

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