Short Story Reading: Becoming Fearless, by Maura O’Leary

Novel Writing Festival

Performed by Katelyn Varadi

Get to know the writer:


What is the story about?

This story was created, not to talk about “me” and my successes per se, but to inspire others to follow their path of passion/life goals/creativity.

The story came about after I read a book about “disrupting yourself” and while reading it I realized that over my career I’ve changed things up every 5 YEARS since my 30’s! It inspired me enough to write this short story to share with others and hopefully tell them:

Never give up!

Believe in yourself, listen to that inner voice, shut out the “outer voice(s)” and focus on your dreams! Visualize them coming true-every day. Meditate and see things happening. Ask the universe for help!

Don’t say the word “Can’t” and stop hearing the word NO.


2. What Genres is the story in? 



3. How would you describe this…

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