Feature Film: LITTLE RONNIES by Stefan Walczak

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Nine Little Ronnies

Written by Stefan Walczak

Nine Little Ronnies is a true story about a middle aged man who has recollections of a past he wished he never knew. After a fateful car accident leaves Ron with a head injury, his blackouts start to become more than just blank spaces. Entering thera
py with Dave Johnson, Ron’s repressed memories start to come back to him in the form of child-like personalities. Ron and his wife, Barbara, are forced to cope with the flooding feelings that follow Ron’s flashbacks of his abusive, drunk, and sadistic father, as Ron’s nine personalities start to come out during each repressed stage of his childhood. In this shocking story, Ron must overcome and control his urges to dissociate, and eventually integrate all nine of his kid personalities into his adult form. This story covers Ron’s first year of treatment with Dave Johnson. Ron and…

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