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A showcase of 52 short films in total from six festivals in Los Angeles & Toronto for September 2018.


festival posterTHE COLOR OF ME, 19min., USA, Drama/Romance

festival posterAMERICAN BOY, 9min., USA, Drama

festival posterDISCLOSURE, 9min., USA, Drama/Crime

festival posterLOOK, 10min., USA, Comedy

festival posterLOVE LEX, 7min., Australia, Comedy

festival posterWEIRD SHIT, 3min., USA, Comedy

festival posterBANANAS, 5min., USA, Comedy

festival posterGET HOME SAFE, 7min., USA, Comedy

festival posterBEHIND CLOSED DOORS, 5min., USA, Comedy

festival posterEVE – INFINI DES FORMES, 13min., USA, Experimental

festival posterPLUS MINUS, 1min., Germany, Music Video

festival posterLOCOMOTIVE 8 – ENCORE, 3min., Canada, Experimental

festival posterCOLLIDE – I AM FOUND, 4min., Australia, Music Video

festival posterVACUUM, 5min, Switzerland, Dance

festival posterPEREGRINO – “O’DEATH”, 4min., Spain, Music Video

festival posterSCANDAL, 4min., Reunion, Experimental/Animation

festival posterMIRRORS, 3min., Germany, Music Video

festival posterGROUND FINE, 4min., USA, Dance

festival posterMARMO, 7min., USA, Experimental

festival posterCLOUD COVER, 5min., Canada, Music Video

festival posterSOLA, 3min., Australia, Experimental

festival posterARE YOU HOLDING ME, OR AM I HOLDING MYSELF?, 12min, LGBT/Experimental

festival posterWHALES, 20min, USA, Drama

festival posterDNA OF WILD BEASTS, 18min., France, Drama/Comedy

festival posterALL THAT REMAINS, 4min., Egypt, Drama/Experimental

festival posterCUBICLE, 3min., USA, Drama/Comedy

festival posterHALLOWSTIDE, 4min., Animation/Experimental

festival posterNOVAA – MELODY OF NEED, 3min., Germany Animation/Music Video

festival posterBUT…SOMETIMES, 5min., UK, Experimental/Drama

festival posterSUSHI MAN, 3min., USA, Animation/Romance

festival posterSTAR WARS: DRESCA, 7min., USA, Fan Fiction/Sci-Fi

festival posterSTRANGER THINGS: THE STORY OF HENRY AND DALE, 6min., USA, Fan Fiction/Crime

festival posterBATMAN: INJUSTICE FOR ALL, 20min., USA, Fan Fiction/Horror

festival posterTHE PASSING, 10min., India, Sci-Fi

festival posterTESTS 8: DISAPPEARED, 2min., Russia, Sci-Fi

festival posterSO.CI3.TY, 27min., Martinique, Sci-Fi

festival posterBETWEEN THE PARALLEL, 6min., New Zealand, Sci-Fi

By WILDsound Festival

Submitters reactions to their feedback on their stories. New testimonials coming each month! Watch this month's winning readings. At least 15 performances a month: Submit your script, story, poem, or film to the festival today:


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