Feature Film: The Lion’s Share of a Gravy Train by Marc Lawrence

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A cross between Midnight Cowboy & the Sting, where one 19 year
old is under the tutorship of one Machiavellian, who is gifted with
the fine art of seducing & fleecing the elite woman of Hollywood &
Bel-Aire, inevitably causing the two to enter into a battle over

“love vs. eroticism”.

In part, this psychological thriller is about one woman’s obsession with a guy
coming-of-age at 19. His name J.T., will take you on an emotionally charged rip-ride, in 1983 Tinseltown Los Angles, while partnering up with a larger than life
Machiavellian extraordinaire, who’s human achievements wrestle with his demons.
The interwoven narration throughout the story is a mixture of present-tense and
looking back in thought. Sin and grace, transgression and forgiveness, betrayal and sacrifice, all play out, in this rare adaptation three-quarters based on real life characters and the lives they led from a moment in time, where…

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