Director BIO: Vikneshwaran Silva (THE PUPPETEER)

Festival for Drama in Film, Screenplays, Novels

Director Biography – Vikneshwaran Silva

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Worked in the TV industry in Singapore for a few years as a freelancer before he produced and directed his first short film titled ‘The Blue Puppeteer’. He won an Honourable Mention Award at the International Film Festival Manhattan 2014. He went on to pursue a Masters in Directing at the MET Film School in London to enhance and hone his skills in directing. Over there, he met with passionate people alike and decided to make a film with them. His most recent work, ‘The Puppeteer’ would be his first short film to be filmed out of Singapore.

Director Statement

Once a victim of manipulation, I understood the real effects and consequences of it. Feelings were meddled in the process and I made ill-advised decisions as a result. This impacted me to a great level and how I view people and the world today.

I have…

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