Short Film: BETWEEN US, 10min, USA, Drama/Family

Los Angeles feedback film festival

Between Us is the story of Angela’s life, the 7939f60d0f posterone she has and the one she wishes she could have.

It is real exploration into a woman: Angela, a pretty, yet harried, determined working mother of 3 girls, and the family she has created: Michael, a father who is holding his own in a household of 4 females, Marnie, a 15 year old already pissed off gay teenage girl, Ellie, a 9 year old Tom Boy fascinated by the life cycle of fish, Gracie, a 7 year old badass in a Unicorn headband with a sailors mouth and finally the most surprising character and guiding force in Angela’s life, Matt – her dead father.
Between Us explores life’s rawness and also the belief in the magic of the parent/child connection of pure love that defies life and even death itself.
Between Us is human, hopeful and magical.

  • Film Type:
  • Runtime:
    10 minutes…

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