Audience FEEDBACK – HANGING, 6min, USA, Animation

FEEDBACK Animation Film & Screenplay Festival

Played at the March 2017 Best of Animation.

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO. Moderated b Matthew Toffolo:

Directed by Nick LeDonne

An abstracted animated documentary based off of Nick LeDonne’s personal struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts after a near attempted hanging in November 2014. His feelings of depression are personified through a dark luring fog and a loving mother desperately trying to keep her son alive.

Director’s Statement:

Nick LeDonne is very excited for the release of his third year Junior film “Hanging”. Having only a semester to produce this 6,000 drawing film, Nick pushed through this heavily emotional project despite personal challenges such as the passing of his father, losing his family house, and starting a new school all during the spring semester production. He hopes that audiences will be touched and moved by his work and remember that we all fall down sometimes but it’s…

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