Died Today (October 14th): Elizabeth Peña (1959–2014)

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elizabethpenaElizabeth Peña (1959–2014)

Born: September 23, 1959 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA
Died: October 14, 2014 (age 55) in Los Angeles, California, USA

Married to: Hans Christian Rolla (1994 – 14 October 2014) (her death) (2 children)

I worked very hard to get Jacob’s Ladder (1990). At first, they wanted Susan Sarandon, Andie MacDowell or Michelle Pfeiffer. At some point, they wanted Susan Sarandon, and Madonna wanted the part. They auditioned all of them. I begged to be auditioned. I begged and begged and when I auditioned, the chemistry was right and Adrian [Lyne] and I were just taken with each other. I auditioned for six months, twice a week. The reason I kept going back was because Adrian was literally fighting for me to get the role.

dir. Georgina Riedel
Nothing Like the HolidaysNothing Like the Holidays
dir. Alfredo De Villa
Alfred Molina

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