Short Film: THEY TOLD ME, 6min., Russia, Experimental

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

Moscow. Coffee-to- go. A young woman runs into a man – he stands behind a glass
window on the street. As soon as he notices her watching him, he is trying to disappear.
She follows him, getting closer and closer, but loses his tracks in the city park. They
look like a couple that broke up – one has already moved on, and the other one is still in
pain. Sudden flashback makes her remember, where to go further to find him. She
enters the apartment he lives in to face a mystery, hoping to find a key to solve it. The
film reminds of so-called “silent scene studies”, so there are no words and no names.
That supports the main idea of certain unification: the loss is always a little death, no
matter who left. And no matter who he or she is.
The movie is based on a…

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