Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival Testimonial – October 25 2018


Screenwriter Colleen Asbury (The Dance of the Desert Mermaids)

I admit that I saw the word “Fantasy” and thought, “AHA!” I was thrilled because I thought that finally people who loved fantasy and visuals as much as I did could take a look at it and give me feedback. I entered three short screenplays and the feedback I received from these folks was incredible. It felt like this was the first time that anyone had really, truly READ the Desert Mermaids, taken it in, and then gave real, honest, mind-blowing feedback to me. The feedback on the other two screenplays was just as good, though whomever read one of them really didn’t “get” it, but their insights were still incredible and I am very grateful. I am beyond thrilled that knowledgeable, passionate, literate people at this festival read my stuff and gave such insightful feedback. This is a dream come true.

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