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 A showcase of 34 short films in total from six festivals in Los Angeles & Toronto for October 2018.

festival posterBLACK CLOUD (Daiyun), 11min., Brazil, Horror/Animation

festival poster{APOLLYON}, 7min., USA, Horror/Experimental

festival posterLOVE AFTER DEATH, 9min., Canada, Horror/Romance

festival posterTHE STRANGER, 13min., USA, Thriller/Drama

festival posterHORLA, 11min., Canada, Horror/Fantastic

festival posterSHE CAME FROM THE WOODS, 12min., USA, Thriller

festival posterPLASTIK, 12min., USA, Horror/Thriller

festival posterATTACK OF THE POTATO CLOCK, 2min., USA, Horror/Animation

festival poster3:32, 6min., Argentina, Drama festival posterINLAND FREAKS, 11min., Canada, Drama
festival posterTHE PUPPETEER, 19min, UK, Drama/Crime festival posterISLAND, 2min., Germany, Animation
festival posterTHE WISHING CRANES, 3min., USA, Animation festival posterO.B.E. THE OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE, 9min, Canada, Animation
festival posterPLUSH ASSASSIN, 2min., USA, Animation festival posterSTUCK, 5min., USA, Animation
festival posterEXPIRATION DATE, 4min., USA, Animation festival posterBARELY THERE, 2min., USA, Animation
festival posterEXPEND, 3min., USA, Sci-Fi/Animation

festival posterTHROUGH CHINATOWNS’S EYES: APRIL 1968, 25min., USA, Documentary

festival posterSAMBHALI TRUST, 10min, USA, Documentary

festival posterEILEEN AND I, 12min., UK, Documentary

festival posterWHY WE PUSH?, 1min., Documentary

festival posterTHE RETURN, 19min, Turkey, Documentary

festival posterTHE BUDDHA MUMMIES OF NORTH JAPAN, 21min., Japan, Documentary

festival posterTHE REVELATOR, 24min., Belgium, Thriller/Mystery

festival posterI CAN’T SLEEP, 3min, Ireland, Drama

festival posterPIN-UP, 20min., USA, Drama

festival posterVAINSANITY, 7min., USA, Drama/Experimental

festival posterCAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU, 3min., USA, Drama/Music Video

festival posterNAU, 11min., USA, Experimental/Dance

festival posterRITUAL, 4min., USA, Dance

festival posterSUSPENSION, 2min., USA, Experimental

festival posterMIMESIS, 4min., USA, Experimental

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By WILDsound Festival

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