Read Poem: Be Balanced by Olwyn Williams

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Be playful.
Be bold, brave and balanced,
So you can float to new heights
Above the tree’s canopy to see your fears made small
Against the expanse of the full forest tall,
Trees reaching, competing,
Breathing , releasing.

Be comfortable.
Find the edges of your comfort
So you can gently nudge them out,
Coax them into stretching
Until they encompass the world wide
and all the skies.

Be relaxed and supported.
Float, don’t swim.
Trust that you are
Just where you need to be.
Be filthy footed and wet with sweat
Don’t prune yourself just for appearance sake
nor anybody’s random order.
Be grounded, like a tree,
Though mobile like a breeze.

Be as wild or as quiet as you need to be .
Be what you feel and do as you please.
Be at ease in the your skin, be at peace in your mind,
Let your soul to…

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