Director BIO: Jeremiah Kipp (PELICAN)

LGBT Toronto Film Festival

Director Biography – Jeremiah Kipp

B94b35e85f headshot

Jeremiah Kipp is a New York City based writer, producer and director with over ten years experience creating narrative and commercial films. Through his work, he has the proven ability to provide the highest level of visual direction, story development and work with actors.

He has directed several short films including THE MINIONS, PAINKILLER, THE SADIST starring Tom Savini, MASTERMIND starring Chris Sarandon, EDWARD ALBEE: A TRANSFORMATIVE MOMENT produced by Bruce Cohen and Lauren Rayner, THE DAYS GOD SLEPT (Best Short-HorrorHound 2014); SOUND/VISION; Edgar Allan Poe’s BERENICE (distributed by Reel Progress as part of the CREEPERS anthology), CRESTFALLEN; EASY PREY (commissioned by Visionfest’s annual 5×5 screening series); CONTACT (commissioned by Sinister Six annual screening series); THE POD starring Larry Fessenden; SNAPSHOT, DROOL and THE APARTMENT (commissioned by Canon to premiere their XL2 camera at DV Expo 2004).

His short film THE CHRISTMAS PARTY earned warm…

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