Read Poem: Anonymous Meeting by Isha A. Poet

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Passion: Hi Group
I’m Passion

Group: Hi Passion

Passion: So I’ve been inactive for a week
I know it’s not a lot of time but
I’m usually ablaze
Radiating like the Suns flares
I shine bright
So aluminise that I burn those around me
Like the Phoenix I don’t just burst into flames
And set my soul on fire
To rise again from the ashes
I skald those who are around me
In the designated areas that are fire proof
Storm proof
Hurricane proof
Me proof
They enter
Or are there by circumstance
Like my old partners
Who loved the fire within me
But hated the after effects
You know- like when you drink too much you have a hangover
Well when I ignite
I usually singe everything around me
And I notice he takes the flare
Takes the hit from my fire
That leaves holes in his…

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