Read Poem: Grand Central Station by Sandra Fernandez

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Honestly, it’s not the same anymore, so I stopped going, she said as she took another sip of her tamarindo.

What do you mean? he asked her.

Gabriela ripped off a chunk of pupusa, crammed it into her mouth and swallowed.

It’s like… that feeling you get when you go to city walk or the mall. You’re surrounded by restaurants, stores & brightly lit bars. That Latin cultura vibe is basically gone… AND to top it all off there’s only one frutero left… you know that big stand en medio del Grand Central that was also a small marketa? They’re like one of the last latinx owned businesses there now. It just makes me feel some typa way, she explained.

Gentrification is spreading everywhere in LA. People are getting kicked out of their businesses & their homes, it’s fucked up. It’s like colonization all over again, the brown, black &…

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